Dedication, Determination & Desire

What it takes to be a knight

Dedication, determination and desire – that is what it takes to be a Knight. The Old Bridge Marching Knights are a school band and a competition band. They begin practicing for their fall competition season in June, even before school is out for the summer.

In June and July they practice two nights a week for four hours each and then two weeks of camp in August. During a typical season band members will dedicate over 600 hours of time in rehearsals and performances.

They start off the school year in September playing every Friday night supporting the Old Bridge High School football team – home and away.  The competition season also starts in September and ends with the National competition in November. Ever Saturday they perform at competitions throughout New Jersey; this means their day typically starts at 8 am, with most competitions ending late in the evening. In addition, the band performs several parades and community and school events throughout the year.

While maintaining this busy schedule, band members continue to perform well academically, most in honors and advance placement courses.


Knights achieve at such a high level because as a team they always work together to be the they can be, always looking to improve.


Knights practice hard and often to achieve the best results.  


Knights are dedicated to their team and the common goal of striving to give the best performance each time they hit the field.

In-season sCHEDULE

Monday  -  Practice 4pm to 9pm

Wednesday  -  Practice 4pm to 9pm

Friday  -  Football game performance

Saturday -  Competitions, typically 9 am to midnight